Target Online

The Target “Cloud” is a feature that truly makes us different than any other logistics company in our field..

From the basic customer and carrier onboarding. To the ultimate access to our entire suite of Transportation Management Software tools for you to utilize to better help you our customers and carriers manage their entire business. We give you the tools to be able to run your businesses with greater information, efficiency and therefore profitability.

Customers can enter or send loads directly into our system. All documents and confirmations are uploaded for each shipment.

Customers can seamlessly track the progress of all shipments from dispatch to pick to delivery in real time..

On produce and temperature controlled shipments. We offer real time temperature monitoring in transit. This enables us to be proactive during transit to correct any and all issues that might arise prior to delivery and before they can become a problem at destination.

Customers can view and print all the POD, BOL and confirmations directly from the cloud.

Account balances are also available for viewing.

We offer a suite of reports that is extremely robust that can be created using any criteria you are looking for.

All of our online services can be integrated into our committed customers systems at no cost.

Carriers can access the same robust Target Cloud features as our customers enjoy.

Carriers can get setup with Target through our direct onboarding system. Just fill out the online form. Once compliance to Target’s strict qualifications is complete you are set to go.

Once approved. Carriers can view available loads and self dispatch as members of our Elite dedicated program.

They also can view all documents.

Accounts payable and select terms and method of payment

Carriers have a suite of reports at their disposal to help in running their business with Target

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