Target Interstate Fresh Produce Logistics

Target constantly strives to develop and implement advanced logistics solutions. New technologies enable us to reduce “Cold Chain” costs and increase operational efficiencies. Thereby safely increasing the shelf life and “market value”, in order to create greater profit to their bottomline.

We work closely with major US farmers, brokers, supermarket chains, institutional wholesalers and terminal markets. Developing solutions unique to their individual needs and position in the cold chain

As a result of the high level of satisfaction we deliver to our clients. Target is recognized and highly regarded in the industry as specialists in the expedited movement of fresh fruit and produce.

In recognition of Target’s achievements and strong commitment to service, satisfaction, reliability, and integrity. We have been honored by the produce industry’s leading credit and information publications. Target is the recipient of the highest honors in the produce industry.

Target has a 4 X’s (XXXX) rating and over a “900” score. As well as the designation of best in class by being awarded “Transportation Member” from the (Produce Reporter) Blue Book continuously for the past 30 years. We also enjoy a 4 Stars (****), as well as the achievement of The Red Book’s “Business Character Award” for over 30 years running.

A distinction that is unique only to Target in the entire industry

This distinction as one the most reliable and ethical logistics companies. Has enable Target to amass one of the largest aggregated fleets of refrigerated equipment available everywhere and anywhere at all times for the lanes we service.

Target adheres to the principles of the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) as established by the FDA. All providers are bound by contract to comply and indemnify Target and its customers in their compliance to these rules and regulations for transporting fresh produce.

All of our refrigerated equipment have in transit temperature monitoring. This allows us to receive alerts to temperature variations and be proactive in resolving all temperature issues in transit, when they occur before they can become a problem.

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